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Mission Apollo 2010

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Announcing Mission Apollo 2010
One Giant Leap!

MKS Pipe and Valve Company, a leader in valve distribution and valve automation has announced the launch of “Mission Apollo 2010”. Mission Apollo is designed to promote the extensive Apollo/Conbraco valve line and to help MKS customers expand their product knowledge base.

After 80 years, Conbraco is an American success story that's still being written.  The company now known as Apollo® Valves has earned a reputation for developing new products to meet emerging market demands.  The Apollo® Series 70 ball valve is the most specified ball valve in the world.  Line extensions have resulted in new materials, new sizes and new applications for the classic Apollo ball valve.

MKS is a leading distributor of Apollo/Conbraco products and has developed a reputation for being experts in technical sales and service for the products. MKS offers a full line from Apollo/Conbraco including:

  • Stainless Steel Ball Valves
  • Stainless Steel Flanged Ball Valves
  • Carbon Steel Ball Valves
  • Carbon Steel Flanged Ball Valves
  • Bronze and Brass Ball Valves
  • Butterfly Valves
  • Backflow Preventers
  • Check Valves
  • Relief Valves
The special promotion runs all month with specific events designed to demonstrate the Apollo/Conbraco lines and their applications in the PVF and Commercial Plumbing industry June 7th through 25th.  Additionally MKS will offer substantial discounts and prizes for qualified sales during the promotion period.

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Stainless Steel Flanged Valves

Apollo Butterfly Valves

Carbon Steel Valves

Carbon Steel Flanged Valves

Stainless Steel Valves

Brass Ball Valves