A Flexible Solution for Piping Expansion and Contraction

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Thermal expansion in piping systems is a concern for all engineers, building owners and many contractors. Whether your piping system contains steam, hot water, cold water or cryogenic liquid gases, expansion and contraction often occurs at different rates and temperatures. If these piping systems are not properly isolated, problems can arise. However, there is a solution to prevent pipe system failures due to expansion and contraction. Compensating for movement in piping systems can be difficult. However, the tri-flex loop can eliminate that headache. The tri-flex loop is a flexible pipe loop that compensates for pipe movement by absorbing motion in six degrees of motion concurrently. Installing a tri-flex loop in your piping system can reduce anchor loads which can reduce building structural expenses. The tri-flex loop can reduce the amount of space required for components in addition to the forces applied to the building structure. Space and cost savings are additional benefits of the tri-flex loop as no pipe guides are required for correct system operation. Factory installed seismic restraints for design criteria come with the tri-flex loop and can be used in buildings restrained under IBC and ASCE codes. It is UL listed, CSA certified and FM approved. For more information on tri-flex loops or questions about your piping system requirements or other PVF needs, please contact our team at MKS. We have technical experts on staff that can answer your questions and have most products delivered in 24 hours or less.

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