Get in the Groove with Grooved Fittings

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Many contractors have been taking advantage of grooved mechanical piping for more than 90 years. However, this method of pipe joining is still not known or understood in some of the fields in the commercial facility industry. Several pipe joining methods are available for mechanical piping, but some contractors may be unaware that grooved mechanical piping can provide many benefits such as increased profits, compressed schedules, and worksite safety. Faster Pipe Joining Standard grooved couplings install faster than welded joints and flanged joints due to recent product improvements by grooved coupling manufacturers. Some couplings have unique installation-ready joining technology that install in much less time than standard grooved couplings. These couplings are also installed without needing to disassemble the coupling. This results in less on-site material handling Grooved mechanical pipe joints do not require a flame or fire watch. This makes the assembling and disassembling of a pipe joint quick and easy. Greater Design Flexibility A grooved system contains a union at every joint which makes system access simple. 360 degrees of rotational movement during installation allows for reduced field mate-up issues and easier on site adjustments. Reliability Grooved coupling designs are secure and leak-tight. They are more reliable than other forms of pipe joining, such as flanges. They require no maintenance and are designed to last the life of the piping system unlike welded joints. Grooved mechanical piping systems can be pressurized and depressurized repeatedly for years without exhausting the elastomer gasket. Economical Grooved systems reduce labor time due to quick installation. Jobs utilizing welded joints often require up to 45 percent more man-hours than no-flame piping solutions. This allows for increased profits meeting rigid project schedules. Safety and Sustainability Grooved systems do not require the safety hazards of volatile tanks, open torches, lead lines to trip over, exposure to hazardous fumes or potential health issues. Grooved piping is environmentally friendly as it significantly reduces or eliminates waste, emissions, and noise pollution. The joining method does not release fumes or particulates, preserving indoor and outdoor air quality. For more information on grooved systems, contact the team at MKS. We can help you with your next project with the right products delivered fast.

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