PVC Pipe for Sustainability and Versatility

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PVC pipe is used for many applications in many different industries. With so many performance advantages, PVC pipe is replacing many traditional materials. PVC pipe is versatile, environmentally friendly, durable and offers many other benefits as well. The next time your project requires pipe, consider PVC. You won’t be disappointed. Flexible and Versatile: One major advantage of PVC pipe is its modulus of elasticity for buried applications, especially where soil movement or vibration is expected. The modulus of elasticity also reduces the magnitude of pressure surges. PVC-O pipe has the greatest resistance to water hammer, making it an optimal choice. Designers and specifiers often choose PVC pipe to design new products and for developing solutions. The versatility of PVC pipe is reflected in the numerous applications it is found in such as pipes, cables, window frames, floor coverings, and roofing as well as packaging, interior design, clothing, billboards, marine, safety equipment, and medical products. Lightweight and Durable: The comparatively low weight of PVC pipe results in less risk of injury and fewer people needed to for transportation and installation, saving money. Although less heavy than most materials, PVC is still extremely durable. It is resistant to fracture, flames and watertight. Gasketed PVC pipe joints have consistently outperformed those of traditional pipe products in actual service. PVC pipe is also now available with fusion joints to provide a monolithic fully sealed pipeline particularly suited for trenchless installations and contaminated sites. Safe Material: PVC pipe is a non-toxic and safe material that has been used for more than 50 years. It is most researched and tested plastic and is environmentally friendly, suitable for many sustainable and green projects. If you are considering PVC pipe for your next project, contact MKS. Our team can assist you with choosing the right size and type.

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