The Titanium Advantage

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Titanium is gaining popularity across several applications and industries. Titanium is quite versatile and a valuable metal due to its physical and chemical properties. The aerospace industry is at the forefront of using titanium for the building of various different aircraft components. Many other industries are also discovering the benefits of using titanium and using the metal in a variety of innovative applications. Benefits: The key benefits of titanium are strength, corrosion resistance, biological compatibility and weight. Titanium is just as strong as steel but lighter in weight, which is highly desirable for medical and construction applications. High strength-to-weight ratio is also appealing to builders looking to construct strong facilities with lighter materials. Many metals will corrode in the presence of salt water, acids, and other chemical solutions. However, titanium shows surprising resilience is also very resistant to stress corrosion cracking unlike steel. Titanium can also be used within the human body due to its bio-inert qualities. It is not toxic and will not be rejected as easily when used in processes such as osseo- integration. Applications: Titanium is suitable for many applications in the medical, aircraft, automotive, industrial and chemical processing fields. Titanium is also found in many different products such as jewelry, clocks, watches, eyewear and golfing merchandise. These goods last longer and are appealing. Marine industries have also taken a recent interest in titanium since materials that are in consistent contact with salt water demand a higher resistance to corrosion. The uses and advantages of titanium are vast. MKS sells a large assortment of titanium valves for your specific project application. We partner with premier manufacturers including Apollo Valves. Apollo Valves is well known for their American made special alloy and titanium products. Contact our team today for more information.

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