Ensure Steam Dryness with a Clean Steam Separator

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Many industries today require the use clean steam for their environments. Medical, pharmaceutical, consumer, industrial and research and development are all lines of business that require a clean environment for health and success. The process of sterilization by clean steam is the popular method to keep these environments clean and free of contaminants. There are several filtered, clean and pure steam products for maintaining quality and purity of a clean steam system available. A stainless steel clean steam separator ensures steam dryness which will help you achieve compliance and quality within your clean and pure steam system while maintaining reliable operation and minimizing maintenance and downtime costs. A clean steam separator is designed to remove contaminates, entrained moisture and condensate from clean and pure steam systems for critical applications when properly installed. A properly selected high purity clean steam trap installed with the separator ensures a minimum steam dryness of 95%. This is key to successful sterilization cycles and helps you achieve compliance with industry standards such as EN 285, HTM 2010 and AAMI-ST79. Steam separators have been developed to solve problems associated with wet steam, its impact on sterilization and autoclave processes as well as limiting damage to downstream control valves and equipment. Other key benefits include being designed in accordance with the ASME BPE guide for the biopharmaceutical industry, protecting and maintaining service life of downstream pipeline equipment and having unique removable baffle plates to facilitate internal inspection. MKS carries a large assortment of clean steam products to improve and maintain your system. When installed upstream of a Spirax Sarco High Purity Clean Steam Regulator, Spirax Sarco will warranty the regulator for an additional year. Contact our team today to order what you need and get it delivered fast!

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