Improved Steam System Performance with Steam Traps

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Summer is winding down and cooler weather and winter will arrive soon. Many commercial, residential and industrial facilities use steam systems for heat. It’s time to make sure your steam system is ready to go and you have everything you need for a successful operation. Steam traps are necessary to make your steam system safe, efficient and sustainable. Without steam traps, you risk unwanted condensate damaging your steam system, conducting poor heat transfer and wasting money. The duty of a steam trap is to discharge condensate while retaining live steam in the system. The right steam trap solution ensures your steam system operates at an optimal level without any issues of potential damage or poor heat transfer resulting in additional expenses. However, there are many types of steam traps available including thermodynamic, mechanical, thermostatic and more. Choosing the right type is critical to your operation and every steam system is unique and has specific requirements for maximum performance. Having the right steam traps integrated with your system is beneficial for reduced energy consumption, improved performance, lower fuel costs and decreased maintenance resulting in improved efficiency and sustainability. MKS has a full line of steam system components from Condensate Movers to PRV's, if you need assistance in choosing the right products, the team at MKS can help you. With a wide selection of steam traps in many sizes and materials, MKS can deliver what you need for your operation. MKS is the premier provider of steam solutions in the Midwest. Contact us today.

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